...to the truth about your stuggels, your power AND your amazingness <3


No more fluff, avoiding the actual root of what is going on

in your life.


everything - and i mean everything is occuring for a reason.

And it's all a gift for you to expand into love and unity.





And I want to mirror back your amazingness.

so you can re-remember how to truly SEE yourself, your soul, your emotions, your relationships, your kids, your wealth and your health.

AND see beyond what is playing out in front of you.


understand WHY everything is showing up + learn TO clear and SHIFT what you dont want, into an experience of deep fulfillment and JOY.

+ connect with your life purpose as a by-product!


No more superficial spirituaLITY, no more dissapointment from the

universe leaving you discouraged and confused, no more

un-balanced RELATIoNHIPS where you are over-giving and under-

nourished, NO MORE doubt, burnouts or never ending searching to fill that void within you, no more let-down, powerlessness, struggle or loneliness.


enough. your soul is ready for a different experience.


This is your chance to, once and for all, integrate your MAGIC WAND and become your own safe place <3


it is your chance to step into co-creation with the laws of the universe in ways you have yet to know of.




I am sharing with you, the best kept secret to integrating conducting, clearing, shifting, molding and grounding energy - bridging heaven and earth. Uniting all parts of you into harmony.


Making you capable of materializing your dreams.

making you capable of trusting yourself and this world again.


crowning yourself as the master creator of your existence.


Once you get awareness on the energetic patterns behind everything in your life, there’s no Going back. You see it all. You have the power.


making everything possible.


Are you ready to grab your power and wave your magIC wand?


Join me ❤




October 22nd I kick off my new

8 week Online Teaching Program making you the master of your life, through energy 'hacking' slash 'de-coding'.




You get:


a teaching video explaining the method(s)


8 calls in 8 weeks - one every monday 19:00 european/copenhagen time with clearings, integrations and masterclass teachings on how to clear ad integrate programs


Two 1:1 sessions with me - one per month (value 3000 DKK) where I SEE YOU and you get to see yourself.


Facebook group for support and connection during the 8 weeks.


Weekly buddy calls for accellerated shifts, SEEING YOURSELF and practice your laser vision


Weekly play-challanges with voice-work and body-work


ANd you get:


...to awaken to your purpose and dreams


...the courage to be more of who you truly are


...balanced relationships


...a deeper feeling of self acceptance and self-love


...a feeling of personal freedom


...the courage to define and go for your dreams


...to release the constant internal battles and pain


...to balance out your feminine/ maskuline energies


...to release fear of judgement & self-judgement


...a complete method to connect the dots and anchor yourself in, so you can handle anything life gives you


...a strong connection to the divine and your energetic helping-team


...a deeper faith and unwavering trust in yourself and the universe


...to live from your highest potential and your heart, instead of fear and ego.






To secure your spot write me an email at mail@mathildayokelin.dk.


Your investment: 6000 DKK (inkl VAT)

Payment can be done in 3 rates.


Very limited spots open, as I have chosen to make it a small group of only a handfull.




any questions PM me or write in comments or hit me an email.


I am so exited to make you re-remember your power and freedom ❤


We will be covering

  • awareness on why everything is showing up in your life 

  • Technique to heal and hold space for yourself on a daily basis (the method that changed my life)

  • How to find your souls main frequencies (what it is here to experience) and use them to navigate and stay on path

  • Connect and define your higher self  

  • How to integrate new programs and clear old ones that are blocking you

  • How to trigger and accellerate your creativity

  • Manifestation

  • Masculine & feminine energies and how to balance them for overall flow

  • Fear vs. love - connection vs. seperation

  • What keeps you from feeling safe in the world

  • How to live an 'everything'-life

  •  the pitfalls of being highly creative

  • 100% responsability relative to freedom - How to be free

  • From co-dependency and powerlessness to unconditional love connections where you can show up fully as you

  • Hightened awareness on The Matrix we live in, your souls purpose and your relationships to money, people and ultimately yourself.

  • The law of mirroring (forget about Law of Attraction)

  • You and all your many fassets joined in beautiful union

  • Awaken to your own uniqueness

  • From unsupoorted and apologetic to high vibing recieving queen

  • Fire up your inner light and passion

  • Let go of fighting and battling

  • How to trigger your creativity

  • How to channel your higher self and always work from highest potential reality

  • From pressure to play

  • From fear to faith 

  • Stop the pleaser in you

  • Cultivate the strengt and courage to be you and lead yourself onto your own independent path insead of derailing by following the heard

  • Permission to be EVERYTHINg and ANYTHING - not needing to amputate parts
    of yourself to get what you want in life

  • Access and let out your unique expression and personal flow 

  • Judgement detox

  • Energetically paved path to the life where you can have IT ALL

    -and much more...



Possible side-effects efter 8 weeks

Healthier relationhsips, better money flow, feeling of freedom and selfempowerment, happiness, renewed passion for life and a strengthened belief in yourself as a master creator and a lovning parent to yourself.


What is it like to work with Mathilda?


"My personal development speeded up rapidly after I started my mentorship with Mathilda. She melts down resistance like no one else and teaches it it the proces.
Her zone of genious is no doubt busting old limiting programs that hold you

back from your true power. On top of that, her clairvoyant abilities and intuition is on point. Her personality is loving and kind, always coming from and channeling higher self, being very professional.


Shortly after I started my mentorship with Mathilda, my life really started to turn
I started noticing shifts in my outer reality, after clearing old beliefs that
wasn’t aligned with my highest
potential. Basically I just starting to feel happier and

happier, and shifting my belief system from fear to love and faith.


Learning about self empowerment has been a serious gamechanger for me:
To learn that I can stand up for my self, hold my own energy and heal & love myself. She filled me up with love, and now I feel that I am love and I am worthy. And I’m so absolutely allowed to go after my dreams and live my highest potential.

I would recommend everyone who has resistance, blocks or issues regarding living
and seeing their own light to work with Mathilda".